Dec 5 2015

History of fine wine

Wine is a drink obtained by fermenting the juice of grapes and the entire process of wine making is called vinification. There are different types of wine: red wine, white wine, rosé and sparkling wines such as champagne and Lambrusco. In chemical sense wine consists of water, sugars, alcohol, resveratrol, quercetin, tannin, sulfite, carbon dioxide (in sparkling wines) and other substances as methanol in smaller quantities. There are also alcohol fortified wines such as Madeira, port, Marsala and sherry. Sometimes there are also spices added such as vermouth.


Most wine regions in France today (except Alsace) date back to Roman times. The wine under the Romans knew a period of great prosperity. The Romans planted vineyards in all the occupied territories, to provide their armies of wine. The Romans did not have resin and developed casks to store wine. Thus, the addition of resin was unnecessary. In the 5th century the Roman Empire collapsed and most vineyards were destroyed by Germanic tribes and Moors. After the wine culture at the beginning of the Middle Ages had fallen into disrepair, she came when Christianity flourished again: each monastery had its own vineyard to make sacramental wine.

Now a days we also consume lots of wine, this we do for different occasions. Most people consume wine during diner. Especially red wine is an all-time favorite at almost event. Wine is served in a wine glass, it’s against the standards to serve wine in anything else that a wine glass. The shattered proof wine glasses are a very good alternative to give to your guest. This way you know for sure that even if they tip and fall, they will not break. So that’s why it’s better to have unbreakable wine glasse, these glasses are extra durable and do not break as easy as the normal wine glasses.

Nov 16 2013

The QR code of this new weber grill review site!

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Aug 14 2013

Strawberry Banana Smoothie QR Code

Today I’m going to share with you something I personally like to have every single day.Strawberry banana smoothie!

Yes! Simply put your Iphone to the screen and get the link to the recipe:

qrcode - smoothie recipe

Have fun with it!

this smoothie is so delicious and so healthy. also you have on this website – – everything you need for a great smoothie. several other recipes, blender reviews, polls (so you can better choose a recipe) and that’s about it. so if you’re a smoothie addict like I am, do yourself a favor and make this today!

strawberry smoothie

Apr 17 2013

Hello And Welcome To QR Code Guide

Hello Everybody, this is the QR Code Guide website. In here I will teach you how to make qr codes in a second. plus I am going to share with you some cool qr codes that will link you to some information sources that are worth sharing.

To make a qr code simply use this site: